Samsung Galaxy S28 5G Price in India, USA, UK, UAE, KSA & Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy S28 5G Price, Specs, Release Date News! Samsung is a multinational electronics corporation based in South Korea. Anyone who has used a mobile phone in their life is aware that Samsung is the most popular and preferred mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Today, we caught a glimpse of a new smartphone with long battery life and colossal memory coming soon, dubbed Samsung Galaxy S28 5G.

The new Galaxy S28 5G smartphone will have the latest mobile features Samsung will introduce in the near future. If you have an interest in this gadget then keep on reading. Stop by our establishment to learn more. However, we can share all relevant details with you here.

Samsung Galaxy S28

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Samsung Galaxy S28 5G Specs:


First and foremost, we are discussing Display. The Galaxy S28 5G features a 7 inches display with a large color tap display, which can be used to display photos and videos. It has a resolution of 3200 x 1440. Moreover, the display is made of Gorilla Glass 8, which is often used for smartphone display panels.


The phone has a 8000mAh battery life, which is good for everyday and special use. It allows the user to record videos and images day and night, as well as stream media. A frequent special feature for a flagship device is “Fast Battery Charging”. As a result, this phone has 65W Quick Battery Charging capabilities.

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Let’s understand the advantages of this Samsung S28 camera. Why? Because it uses a quad 200MP 64MP 32MP 8MP on the rear. And the Galaxy S28 5G device packs a 64MP selfie blade upfront. So if you try to capture a picture, it will offer you the best quality one.


This Galaxy S28 will operate swiftly, featuring 12GB RAM/16GB of internal memory, and two ROM options with a storage capacity of 256GB/512GB. There is also a microSD card that expands to 1TB in capacity. So, this upcoming phone contains many attractive features that will justify the costs.


Under the hood Galaxy S28 5G will be released soon, accompanied by a huge chip from Qualcomm Snapdragon with a capacity of 898. Besides, the Galaxy S28 runs the untethered version of Android, Android 13.

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Samsung’s newest device, the Galaxy S28, usually comes with great specifications. It is a fingerprint scanner and face unlock and it works under the display. Also, this smartphone will also support Gyro, Proximity, Accelerometer, Barometer, and so on.

Samsung Galaxy S28 Price:

Price is a huge factor in the success of any new smartphone. But we don’t know how much this new Samsung phone will cost. Samsung Galaxy S28 5G is undoubtedly going for 1890 USD (United States Dollar) ~ 150500 INR (Indian Rupee).

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Samsung Galaxy S28 Release Date:

Although it is just a rumor now, we’re only providing our experts and everyone else with this thing. However, we expect the release of this phone until the fourth quarter of the year 2023.

We just have to wait a little while longer for more information about this Galaxy S28 5G smartphone. Do you like this forthcoming handset? Could you drop us a comment on your thought?

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